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Photo by Ian Douglas
Photo by Ian Douglas
Photo by Audrey Simmons
Photo by Ian Douglas
Photo by Ian Douglas
Photo by Ian Douglas
Photo by Ian Douglas

This dance lives inside of

ideas around success, unachievable standards, empowerment, competition, & community


It is

a glimpse into the shoulds that dictate the female body

a resistance to the inevitability of conforming

a study on the objectification of the performing female body

The work revolves around my experience as both a woman and performer. It explores the pressure I feel to look and act in specific ways because I am a woman, because I am an artist, because I call myself a feminist, because I am a dancer, because of every single way that I identify myself. I've lived according to a deeply rooted desire to be “beautiful” and this piece works to excavate how I deeply despise that desire. This experience is mine, it the dancers', and it is one that can be shared by anyone grappling with the confines of "beauty". My hope is that the work goes beyond its portrayal of a runway and wonderful dancing; that it opens up a space for the viewer to think about their relationship to standards, and that ultimately one can somehow feel comforted by it.

The Fishtank
obstructed views into the should
November 2016-2018

Dancers: Kayla Castellon, Elizabeth Dashiell, Haleigh Nelson, Patricia Suarez, Taylor Zappone

Video by: Haley Warner

Other Works
That Thing
July 2016
Dancers: Dorothy Nunez, Patricia Suarez, Taylor Zappone
- a reminder
April 2016
Dancers: Marco Farroni, Brandon Graf, Chanel Howard,  Gabby Marques, Imani Vieria
slightly dishonest
December 2015
Dancers: Elizabeth Dashiell, Abby Kelvis, Jennifer Lacy, Haley Sung, Taylor Zappone
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